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Federico Balli  | was born in Tuscany in 1974.

After my studies I started my professional adventure and together with two other young friends we bought a small bakery in the Province of Prato in Tuscany.

That is how Antico Forno Santi was born in February 1996 - my school , where I  learned the art of making bread and cookies , the place where I learned how to manage a small company, how to present a product and how to organize an event and public relationship.

After this fantastic experience finished in 2004 I needed to travel to know different places and cultures, broaden my horizon and speak other languages.

From this trip CUMCAPIO was born in 2009 - a new fascinating story.

Matteo Landi  |  I was born in Italy, Tuscany, in 1974.

After finished my studies I embarked on a profession that would allow me to travel and discover new places. As food has always been a passion of mine I decided to become a professional Chef and for several years I have worked in some fantastic restaurants around the world.

This inspiring experience allowed me to mix with a vibrant mix of cultures and people which lead to a deep appreciation of food traditions, recipes and quality, hand-made products.

Since 2006 I progressively moved away from cooking and became more involved in the manufacturing and commercial aspects of specialized food products.

My cooking experience has taught me that to succeed you need good preparation, clear ideas and a lot of organization. On these principles in 2009, together with my friend and business partner, Federico Balli, we established CUMCAPIO.

CUMCAPIO is a concept.

The term derives from the latin expression: to collect, include an idea, put together.

The philosophy behind our work is in fact to collect different experiences and talents and to put them together to create a synergy.

Our mission is to create connections between people, networks between companies and business networks between producers and distributors, providing the insights and skills needed to bring ideas, projects and products on international markets.